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Car bumper protection and bumper guards for all vehicles.

Car Bumper Protection
Proven dent and scratch prevention devices to save yourself tons of money from auto body repair costs. Cheap bumper guards starting at just $39.99!

Car Bumper Protector Products

Bumper Bully - Protect your rear bumper with this durable bumper pad. It installs easily and not only that, it only takes a minute to flip the bumper 'Protector' out of your trunk for use and back in for storage. This 'rear bumper protector' is made from high-strength rubber and will absorb impacts that would have caused damage to your bumper.

Bumper Blocker - This product provides full length bumper protection for your front and rear bumper. These removable bumper guards are securely attached around your bumper with nylon straps. This bumper protector acts as a padded barrier between your vehicle and parking obstacles, such as, other cars, poles, walls and etc.

Car Door Protection - One of the most commons forms of damage to your car that occurs when parking is dents to the doors. This damage can be costly to repair but with this car door protector you don't have to worry about that anymore. The heavy-duty foam padding that runs alongside of your car door will protect against these dents and dings caused by other doors.

Car Door Edge Guard - In the city the parking spaces can be a little tight. To avoid damage to the edges of your car door while parking, invest in the auto door edge guard. Just fit the removable molding to the edge of your door and it is safe from damage to your door and from damage to other vehicles. is your #1 shop for all bumper protection products and car door guards to give you peace of when you leave your vehicle parked.

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