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Product Questions – Bumper Blocker

What is the purpose of a Bumper Blocker guard for a vehicle?
Do to the fact that most car manufacturers make vehicle bumpers out of plastic they do not have any protection. The Bumper Blocker guard is one of the safest ways to protect your vehicle’s bumper in outdoor and indoor parking garage atmosphere.

How does this Bumper Blocker protector work?
This bumper protection product works by fully covering your car bumper from end to end with a cushioned pad. It is available for both the front and rear bumper of a vehicle. This bumper protector can help prevent damage from other vehicle bumpers as well when being parked in a parking garage.

Can I use the bumper guard in outdoor parking?
Yes, the Bumper Blocker is covered with a soft yet tough weather resistant material and offers protection for your car and truck in all weather.

How long does it take to put this bumper guard on a car or truck?
There is a set of quick and easy instruction for the first time you put the Bumper Blocker guards on your vehicle. After you make all the recommended adjustments to the Bumper Blocker to make sure it fits your vehicle’s bumper snuggly, it should take seconds to put on and take this protector off.

Do these bumper guards fit all car, truck and SUV’s?
Yes, the Bumper Blocker will cover any vehicle make and model bumper. Please note, when placing your order on there is a field (input information space) where you should enter your vehicle make and model before clicking “add to cart”.