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Product Questions – Door Defender - Car Door Protector

What is exactly is the Door Defender car protector?
This car door protector goes across the length of your vehicle and guards the side of your car or truck doors against dents, dings, scratches and more.

 Why do I need protector car door guards for my vehicle?
There are many reasons why your vehicle must have this car door protection, below are just a few examples:

How does this car door protection work?
This car door protector works by attaching itself to the side of your vehicle’s doors. It stays on your door by using high force magnets and offers your car protection with its shock absorbent foam. 

Is this car door protector a permanent fixture on my vehicle?
No. This car door protection uses high force magnet which make taking it on and off your vehicle fast and easy.

Will these magnets damage my vehicle?
No. The high force magnet on the car door guards is covered with a protective material so the magnet actually never touches your vehicle.

Can somebody steal these car door guards off my car?
Nope. These car door guards come with an attached PVC coated cable that you place inside your vehicle and close your door on. This will prevent people from removing the door guard from your auto.

Can I use the door protector in the rain?
Yes. These car door guards offer weather proof protection.

Does the Door Defender car door protector fit every type of car?
Yes. This car door protector will fit any make and model vehicle including sports cars, family sedan, truck, SUV and others.

How long will it take to put this car door protection on my automobile?
Seconds. You simply place the door protector on each of the vehicle doors and your done.

My car is a 2-door coupe can I still use the Door Defender car protector product?

Yes. The car door protector will work the same way, but instead of placing the 2'nd section on the back door, simply put it on the section behind the front door.
Note: Most 2-door coupes tend to have longer doors then standard 4 door cars, so in this case you can also put both Door Defenders closer together on the same door or put them pallelel to each other.