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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) related to all the bumper guards and protection sold on

How can the car bumper guards on save me money in the long run?
Simple, if you are going to be parking your vehicle in parking garages or in the street, chances are your vehicle’s bumper or door will get scratched, dinged, dented or scuffed. Those damages will greatly reduce the resale value of your car. If it is a leased vehicle, you will have to pay for all those damages when you return the automobile to the dealer. To repaint and fix a damaged car bumper can costs hundreds or dollars as well as take weeks to get done. Plus, when you repaint your vehicle’s bumper, chances are it will never look as perfect as it did as when it comes from the manufacturer. Vehicle bumper damage can be prevented by, simply using one of the bumper guards sold on

Are truck and car bumpers easily scratched and damaged?
Yes, yes and yes. Most of today’s car manufacturers make vehicle bumpers out of plastic with no protection except a shiny coat of paint. If another vehicle bumps into yours while parking or if a parking garage attendant backs your car into a spot and touches the solid concrete wall…ouch…you will have a permanent reminder on your car or truck. These bumper guards have been tested and used by a large selection of different vehicle makes and models and have proven effective in all parking situations.

What kind of parking environments are the bumper guards good for?
The door guard and bumper protector products on are good for parallel parking, indoor / outdoor parking garage and standard side by side parked spots.

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