Bumper Armor-The Choice is clear!

We are always taught to protect our asset. Your assets could be countless but also vary to person. However a common asset is car. It is our responsibility to keep our asset always safe and protected. Most of us would like to keep it protected quite a while. Let’s face it! We all do not bother to protect our car and do not take some time out for the maintenance. This directly leads to bad appearance of the car from exterior as well as from interior. No one gets truly excited about getting body work done to our car. In the first place it is expensive and takes time away from our already hectic lives. Plus it can cause you to lose some resale value if that time comes. The most common incidents occur on your bumper, and for the most part the damage could have been avoided in the first place.
Statistics to show the need to protect your car’s bumper:
36% of all minor auto body damage is to the front or rear bumper. More than a third!
Fully 12% of Americans had minor damage repaired on their vehicle in the last year alone or one out of every eight Americans had minor damage repaired!
So, if you invest in something to protect your bumper it would keep you out of the percentage of people who needed minor damage repaired.
The cost of Bumper Armor’s bumper protector is not very high. Also if you consider what the costs of body work or repair is after the fact, it will equal out to less in the end!

Love Your Car? You Must Read This…

If you are a true lover of your car and want your car to look outstandingly stunning always. You need to spend a little amount of money more on it! Think how your car will look with dents and scratches on it? Hmm that can definitely ruin the show of your car and also it took lots of cost to repair these dents and scars.

Why don’t you spend only one time money and install bumper protection, car protection, door protection, rear bumper protection products on your vehicle. It is commonly seen that people’s car while in parking or being parked got hit by other cars, walls and poles and that leaves ugly dents and scratches on your vehicle. If you go for the bumper protection products it definitely can save yourself tons of money from auto body repair costs. This must sounds good you. So, why to wait more contact Bumper Armor and install bumper protection products immediately!

CAR…… Keep the Exterior Clean!

We understand that purchasing car means a lot for you as it’s a big investment for you. If you do proper car and maintenance of the car it indirectly doubles the life of your car. Those who use their cars on daily basis should keep it a state that its machine lasts for years. Involving in road accidents and mishaps is somewhere very common and people who do not give proper attention to their car’s indirectly decreasing the age of their cars. There are many methods that allows help you maintain your car’s machine for long time. Maintaining car doesn’t specify with engine and other spare parts inspection, but it includes the overall maintenance.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of car’s exterior not only increases the car’s glance but also help to avoid any sort of corrosion. By doing all these things you will not increase the life of car but also if after sometime want to sell the car, you can make it at good price.

Exterior maintenance includes the car door protection and bumper protection also. To avoid any damages on your car’s door or bumper and rear bumper you can simply install the bumper guard products and car door protection products that help you save from paying big amount on repair!

Taking Tour? Protect Your Car with Bumper Guards Protecting

Protecting your car is very important when making a road trip. There is a number of things that could be done while on road. Incidents and Accidents are unpredictable and these can be happen anytime and anywhere. While most of the car and truck owners value their vehicles and want to keep them look great, many just do not have the time to devote that they would like to. This means the appearance of the vehicle can go down over time by more and more driving. Without taking proper care of your vehicle, it could be damaged and it is better to install the bumper guards before you take your car on the long road trip.

When you are on a road trip, you will face many difficulties are such things that can ruin the show of your car. Also you will find variety of roads and roads types. If you drive through construction zones, which are on interstate and highways, you will even get more dents on your car’s door. Bumper Armor’s Door Protection equipment will save your car against the damages and unexpected dents.

Durable Bumper Protection Equipments

Front and rear bumpers are the most delicate part of the car because they are broken so easily even with a slightest hit. This accounts for getting the protective equipments designed to save the car from unexpected scratches, breaks, dents and dings. There are a range of protective equipments available in the market today. Designed for protecting specific parts of the car, all these protective gears comes really handy in saving the ugly mishaps that destroy the delicate paint job and other breakage.

Those products are the bumper bully, bumper blocker, car door protector, car door edge guard, door shox, and the bumper protector for both front and rear sides of the car. Made from highly durable material, all the above described equipments are very easy to install and take off when needed. It is just a matter of a minute or two to put-on this protective gear when you park your vehicle in the tight parking area and to remove if needed.

Automobile Bumper Protection

Bumper is an important part that saves your car front and rear against damages. To save bumper of your car it is important to install bumper guard and avoid repair costs that you would spend on it.

An automobile bumper is a kind of safety system used for taking in the shock of outside force to reduce the injury to automobile residents. Many years ago, a bumper was just a boring external system connected to the front and rear side of an automobile. Contemporary bumpers protectors are not boring or heavy any more, and they are designed into an aspect of the front and rear side aspect of an automobile.

As an aspect of the front and rear bumper protection side aspect of an automobile, a bumper can protect the automobile system much better. To be able to be suitable with the whole appearance of automobile, modern bumpers embrace light and portable plastic as material. They are light and portable design. Although bumper has the capability of reducing damage to the automobile system and occupants, they cannot work efficiently in high-speed and beneficial effects.

Once your bumpers are broken in this condition, get brand new ones and have them set up on your car. But it is always better to install bumper guard before damages can take place. Automotive upgraded provides various bumpers that meet OEM requirements. Many of them are black but can be colored into any color you like to change the overall look of your car.

To get a nice bumper protection without spending too much money, you can try to search for it online. What’s more, information of product in details and purpose reviews from customers will tell you the true quality about the bumper you are interested and considering to buy. Just think carefully before you make the transaction to the car parts supplier. The set up of should be professional.

Bumper Armor Provides Best Protection to Your Vehicle

Whether your car is directly off the new car lot or has been around prevent once or twice, most entrepreneurs are ready to cope with the likelihood of scores, scores and marks, and bumpers seem to take the impact of most of those penalties. Luckily, the Bumper Armor has identified our need for higher automatic system security, and there are many choices that will allow you to secure against fender harm.
• Install a Bumper Protector that can secure your automobile. Extractible bumper guards secure against scrapes that could happen during automobile parking and are available at most automatic supply stores. Most are pretty powerful so that they can be turned in or out as needed. There are also that can be connected to the top side or rear of your automobile. Their material is usually dense froth primary, and they have resilient ties that cover around the back or front side of your automobile, below the light system.

• Bumpers can also be secured from damaging with a coat of a special adhesive shine. These clear layers can be used to bumpers by you or by your local automatic auto mechanic or shop. The material is developed to avoid soiling. Urethane movie layers range anywhere from 6 ml to 11 ml in width. There are also chemicals that can eliminate the special adhesive while defending your color if you need to eliminate or refocus a coat.

• Set up automobile parking aid. Since most damage happens while automobile parking, several producers have developed automobile parking receptors that aware the car owner when they are too close to an item. Also you can install bumper guard that can help in unwanted accidents. They can be included on front side or rear bumpers and are developed to evaluate the distance of your car to an item from the bumper’s level. Reviews to the car owner comes through a visible or hearing cue showing that the car owner should slowly down or stop to avoid reaching an item.

Parking Protection for Cars

Bumpers and doors are most vulnerable parts of the car as they are prone to damages through dents and scratches. Minor accidents can occur due to negligence or rough driving. Vehicles can get scratches anywhere but majority of the incidents happen in parking areas. The worst part is, no matter how safe you keep, it can be the carelessness of other drivers who can hit your car and run without you even aware of it.

To protect cars from such unwanted risks. There are different products available in the market for shielding vehicles’ bumpers, doors and the paint job. Protecting and avoiding minor accidents is always a better alternative than spending a lot more money on getting scratches or the paint job fixed, after the damage is done. The most popular products aimed to provide protection mainly to cars’ bumpers (both front and rear) and doors are:

Bumper Bully: It is designed for protecting rear bumper of the car. Bumper protection covers major area for the rear bumper prone to get damaged by vehicles coming from behind. The price for Bumper guard starts from $40 and up depending on the quality of material and other extras.

Bumper Blocker: It comes in two different shapes, one for front bumper and the other for rear bumper guard. Bumper Protector provides padded protection to bumpers against damages. You can buy either front or rear bumper protector; or alternatively buy the set including both from and rear bumper protector for complete bumper protection. Bumper guard is especially handy in a tight parking garage where maximum protection is needed against scrapes and breaks on the bumpers. Bumper protectors’ durable foam pads provide great safety to the bumpers against ugly paint scratch and damages on cars. They are mostly available for every car make and model, trucks and the SUVs.

Door Knox: Door Knox is the magnetic car door protection system that prevents dings and dents on the doors. These car door guards are available in a range of shapes & sizes to fit every type of car, SUV or truck. But before buying them you should ensure that they are easy to install and remove, in order to ensure the safety of your vehicle whenever you need it.
Door shocks and dents are the most basic types of accidents that occur in parking area on a regular basis. Tight parking lots and full parking areas for cars are a common sight these days. No matter how hard we try, unpredicted damages happen when we least expect it. Under such a situation, you can quickly install door guards and protect your vehicles’ doors to a big extent.