Bumper Armor-The Choice is clear!

We are always taught to protect our asset. Your assets could be countless but also vary to person. However a common asset is car. It is our responsibility to keep our asset always safe and protected. Most of us would like to keep it protected quite a while. Let’s face it! We all do not bother to protect our car and do not take some time out for the maintenance. This directly leads to bad appearance of the car from exterior as well as from interior. No one gets truly excited about getting body work done to our car. In the first place it is expensive and takes time away from our already hectic lives. Plus it can cause you to lose some resale value if that time comes. The most common incidents occur on your bumper, and for the most part the damage could have been avoided in the first place.
Statistics to show the need to protect your car’s bumper:
36% of all minor auto body damage is to the front or rear bumper. More than a third!
Fully 12% of Americans had minor damage repaired on their vehicle in the last year alone or one out of every eight Americans had minor damage repaired!
So, if you invest in something to protect your bumper it would keep you out of the percentage of people who needed minor damage repaired.
The cost of Bumper Armor’s bumper protector is not very high. Also if you consider what the costs of body work or repair is after the fact, it will equal out to less in the end!

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