Parking Protection for Cars

Bumpers and doors are most vulnerable parts of the car as they are prone to damages through dents and scratches. Minor accidents can occur due to negligence or rough driving. Vehicles can get scratches anywhere but majority of the incidents happen in parking areas. The worst part is, no matter how safe you keep, it can be the carelessness of other drivers who can hit your car and run without you even aware of it.

To protect cars from such unwanted risks. There are different products available in the market for shielding vehicles’ bumpers, doors and the paint job. Protecting and avoiding minor accidents is always a better alternative than spending a lot more money on getting scratches or the paint job fixed, after the damage is done. The most popular products aimed to provide protection mainly to cars’ bumpers (both front and rear) and doors are:

Bumper Bully: It is designed for protecting rear bumper of the car. Bumper protection covers major area for the rear bumper prone to get damaged by vehicles coming from behind. The price for Bumper guard starts from $40 and up depending on the quality of material and other extras.

Bumper Blocker: It comes in two different shapes, one for front bumper and the other for rear bumper guard. Bumper Protector provides padded protection to bumpers against damages. You can buy either front or rear bumper protector; or alternatively buy the set including both from and rear bumper protector for complete bumper protection. Bumper guard is especially handy in a tight parking garage where maximum protection is needed against scrapes and breaks on the bumpers. Bumper protectors’ durable foam pads provide great safety to the bumpers against ugly paint scratch and damages on cars. They are mostly available for every car make and model, trucks and the SUVs.

Door Knox: Door Knox is the magnetic car door protection system that prevents dings and dents on the doors. These car door guards are available in a range of shapes & sizes to fit every type of car, SUV or truck. But before buying them you should ensure that they are easy to install and remove, in order to ensure the safety of your vehicle whenever you need it.
Door shocks and dents are the most basic types of accidents that occur in parking area on a regular basis. Tight parking lots and full parking areas for cars are a common sight these days. No matter how hard we try, unpredicted damages happen when we least expect it. Under such a situation, you can quickly install door guards and protect your vehicles’ doors to a big extent.

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