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Bumper Blocker - Ultimate Bumper Protection

*Note: The Bumper Blocker front and rear bumper protectors are available for every make and model car, truck and SUV.

Bumper Blocker- Front

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Bumper Blocker Front Bumper Protector

The Bumper Blocker is a padded barrier that attaches to your front bumper to protect it from damage to your paint. When other drivers are parking near your car there is always the possibility of your car's bumper being scratched and scraped. This isn't an ordinary front bumper guard, it wraps around the entire bumper so there is no bumper paint that is unprotected. There is no need to drill, cut or screw in anything when installing this removable bumper protector. It's easily attaches to your vehicle's bumper with straps.

Bumper Blocker- Rear

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Bumper Blocker Rear Bumper Protector

Stop worrying about your car's expensive paintjob when it is parallel parked in the city. Get a Bumper Blocker rear bumper protector to save you from the bumper damage that comes with parking in an urban environment. If someone taps the back of your parked car it could leave ugly scratches that require you to repaint your entire bumper to get the right look. The rear bumper guard attaches within your trunk so only someone who has access to your trunk would be able to remove it.

Bumper Blocker- Complete Set Order Now!

Bumper Blocker Bumper Guards Full Set

Get both the front and rear bumper guards for maximum car bumper protection. Protect your front and rear bumpers from damage to your vehicle's paint with these bumper guards.