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Bumper Armor customer testimonials

• I just want to write you this short note to express my gratitude for the Bumper Blocker product you sell. I have been parking in parking garages for years and always just excepting that scratches and dents on my car bumper and door are part of it the parking process. I recently got a new car (2008 Acura TSX) and my friend told me about the Bumper Blocker guards. Wow is all I got to say, I have been using it for 3 months now and not 1 single scratch or dent on my car bumper. The bumper blocker is definitely the best car bumper guards for NYC parking garages.

Anthony T.
New York City
Car – Acura TSX
Product - Bumper Blocker

• I appreciate that you sell the bumper bully it is a very good product. Since using the bumper bully I no longer have to worry about scratches on my car bumper from parking on the street in Brooklyn.

Victor R.
Brooklyn, New York
Car – 2004 Honda Accord
Product – Bumper Bully

• Since i work in Manhattan i am always parking on the streets or using parking garages.  I purchased both your bumper protector products the bumper bully and bumper blocker (full set) and let me tell you my car is still looking showroom new after 1 year of parking (knock on wood). Anybody who has a car should be using one of these products because they are quick to put , really work and alot cheaper then repainting your bumper.

Thank you,

Michael Z.
New York City
Car - 2008 Toyota Camry
Product – bumper bully and bumper blocker

• You guys sell the best product for protecting your car doors. I am a fanatic about keeping my car in mint condition and even though I always park 1 mile away from a shopping center to make sure nobody parks next to my ride, somebody always does park next to it.

Since I got the Car Door Protection I park my car in any spot and I don’t worry about somebody hitting my car door with there door.

I highly recommend this product to anybody who parks in a parking lot.

Greg A.
Hollywood Florida
Car - VW Passat
Product – Car Door Protection


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