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Door Shox Car Door Protection
Car Door Protection
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Car Door Protection
Door Shox

*Note: These Car Door Guards come in sizes to fit every make and model car, truck and SUV.

Door Shox - Standard Edition x2 ( For 2 door or 4 door vehicles. )

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Door Shox Car Door Protection Standard Edition x2 ( Both Sides )

This package has 2 sets of the Standard Edition Door Shox to protect both sides of your 2 or 4 door vehicle.

Door Shox - Standard Edition ( For 2 door or 4 door vehicles. )

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Door Shox Car Door Protection Standard Edition ( Single Side )

These magnetic door guards provide car door protection while your car is left parked. It's designed not to harm your vehicles paint and it will prevent car door damage.

Door Shox - Valet Edition ( For 2 door vehicles. )

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Door Shox Car Door Protection Valet Edition

The valet edition of the door shox are suitable for protecting one door on one side of the car. They are primarily used on 2 door coupes but they are very portable and convenient to use with any vehicle.

Installation :
Step 1
(Front Door) Grasp the door guard and place it below the door handles of the door. (Rear Door) Repeat.

Step 2
Open the front door just enough to attach the suction cup inside the glass.

Note : If the center cable is fully extended you may not be able to open the door with the door guards on. When attaching the door guards always allow some slack in the center cable.

One of the most common types of parking lot damage are the endless car door dings. Sure you can try to park in 2 spaces or park your vehicle in the back of the lot to avoid the other vehicles but eventually you will have to park in a tight space or in a crowded lot.

You still have another option, get these car door protectors and install them when you have to park in tight spaces. Once you attach the door guards to your car you will be protected from all the usual car door dents. The costs of repainting and dent removal can add up to way more than it would cost to get proper car door guards. Read more about using car door protection.