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Web Directory Disclaimer has successfully helped thousands of customers with door and car bumper protection; nonetheless people do sometimes use products in the wrong way, upon this occurrence accepts no liability. does not guarantee any price, delivery time or promises made by the manufacturer of any of the products sold.

WARNING 1: SERIOUS INJURY MAY HAPPEN IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED. Always remember to use caution and common sense when using any product with your vehicle. Always remove all protection products while your vehicle is in transit. 

- Drive with car bumper protection products such as Bumper Blocker, etc. on your vehicle. It may fall off your vehicle or cover your exhaust pipe.
- Be careful not to block your vehicle’s exhaust pipe with car bumper guards such as Bumper Blocker, etc.
- If you cover your vehicles’ exhaust pipe with the bumper guard products such as Bumper Blocker, etc. it will damage the protector. This can also cause fumes from the exhaust to enter your vehicle which can lead to injury or death.
- If you notice that the bumper guard products that you purchased such as Bumper Blocker are blocking or making contact with your vehicle’s exhaust pipe then do not use it.

Some states have laws against blocking a vehicle license plate. Please contact your local authorities and check with your states rules and regulations before using any bumper guards and protection products on your car, truck or SUV.