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East 100's, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. Garage Management Co
A 20% discount is offered to holders of the GMC Credit card and they are also guaranteed a space in the NYC parking garage.

Tip: A rear bumper guard prevents scratches and scrapes to your paintjob.
231 E 94th St
(212) 888-7400
B. Normandie Court: Garage
This parking garage in New York City charges $8 to park between 8am and 5pm and $19 for overnight parking.

Tip: Bumper guards prevent all parking related auto damage.
215 E 95th St
(212) 735-6767
C. 9495 Parking Corp
This NYC parking garage offers a discount monthly parking rate with the coupon found in the google maps entry.

Tip: You should use front and rear bumper protection when leaving your car parked for a month.
1832 2nd Ave
(212) 289-3800
D. Imperial Parking
This garage is located East of Central Park, call ahead for discount NYC parking rates.

Tip: Door and bumper guards provide protection for your paintjob.
1955 1st Ave
(212) 996-3074
E. Rapid Parking
Use Rapid Parking for a quick and safe parking experience.

Tip: Bumper pads can stop hundreds of dollars worth of body damage to your vehicle.
302 E 96th St
(212) 534-9640
F. Metro North Garage Inc
Call the garage first to make sure a parking space is available for your vehicle.

Tip: If it is necessary to parallel park, you should use a rear bumper pad in case another car comes in contact with your bumper.
440 E 102nd St
(212) 860-7741
G. MTR Parking Corp
NYC parking garages rarely offer parking rates as good as this garage does.

Tip: Call ahead to reserve a space and use a bumper guard.
2019 1st Ave
(212) 369-1308
H. Astor Terrace Parking
Located between Lexington and 2nd ave, this NYC parking garage offers 24 hour parking.

Tip: Door edge guards can prevent paint scratches in small parking spots.
245 E 93rd St
(212) 722-0066
I. Daval Parking Inc
Parking in New York City can be hectic so be sure to call first and reserve your spot.

Tip: Bumper Armor provides you with the latest bumper protection devices to keep your paintjob looking great.
1504 Lexington Ave
(212) 534-5930
J. Rapid Park Industries
This garage is located near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and provides 24 hour NYC parking.

Tip: Door dents and dings commonly occur when your car is parked, get a door guard to protect against this damage.
340 E 94th St
(212) 534-9043
East 105 Street Parking
This NYC parking garage provides overnight and weekend parking. SUVs, large trucks and vans will recieve additional charges.
156 E 105th St
(212) 534-7619
Carnegie Garage
This New York parking garage charges low rates for 24 hour garage parking.
200 E 94th St
(212) 860-1976
Plaza Garage Corp
This garage is open 24 hours a day for NYC parking.
240 E 92nd St
(212) 860-1213
92nd Street Garage Corp
Space is limited for discount New York City parking so call and reserve your space today.
1623 3rd Ave
(212) 860-9657
Lease Parking
This NYC parking facility offers great weekly parking rates. Call first to see if your autmobile qualifies for an oversized vehicle fee.
158 E 108th St
(212) 860-6718

If you are planning on parking your car for more than a few hours the chances of your vehicle getting scratched or dented are increased. When leaving your car parked in a garage for extended periods we reccomend you to use front and rear bumper protectors as well as door guards. These products combined will protect you from damage to the front and rear bumpers from parking parking cars and the door guards will stop dings from other car doors.