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East 50 's, New York Parking Garages

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Parking Garages

A. Central Parking Systems
You can expect great service from this parking provider. Call first to find out the price rates.

Tip: The worst parking damage are dents to your doors, get auto door guards from Bumper Armor.

212 E 47th St
(212) 843-2362

B.Garage Management Co
This parking garage has been providing great service for years.

Tip: Using a bumper protection product can drastically reduce damage done to your car while it's parked.

320 E 48th St
(212) 755-9253

C.Distinctive Parking Corporation
This garage offers great rates all week. Call ahead about special rates during holidays.

Tip: Protect your car from scratches and dents using bumper blockers and door guards.

569 Lexington Ave #13
(212) 688-8067

D.Central Parking System
Call to see if your vehicle will receive additional charges for being oversized.

Tip: Get a set of bumper guards to prevent common parking damage.

211 E 53rd St
(917) 369-1137

E.Central Parking Systems
Find reliable parking at one of the largest parking garage chains in New York.

Tip: For the best parking protection we reccomend using the door guards and bumper blockers..

135 E 47th St
(212) 644-9013

F.Mid Town Parking Corporation
This is a trusted parking facility for safe parking and great low rates.

Tip: Bumper guards and car door guards are the best protection when leaving your car parked.

575 Lexington Ave
(212) 888-3422

G.Carole Storage Corporation
Call first to reserve your space at this parking facility. The rates cost more during events in the area.

Tip: Front and rear bumper guards are the only line of protection you need when parallel parking.

777 3rd Ave
(212) 753-5178
H.Central Parking System
This garage offeres convenient parking at great rates.

Tip: Bumper protection is a low cost investment that will save you hundreds or more.

301 Park Ave
(212) 893-8319
I. Manhattan Parking Madison Corporation
Call ahead and reserve a convenient parking space on Madison Avenue.

Tip: Front and rear bumper protectors are some of the best defense you can get for your vehicle..

437 Madison Ave
(212) 355-9210

J.Central Parking
Find safe and affordable parking at this garage. There may be additional fees for oversized vehicles.

Tip: Our door and bumper protection products protect parking damage from all sides.

212 E 47th St
(646) 282-0104

Manhattan Parking Park Avenue Corporation
Call this garage to check on their affordable rates.

277 Park Ave
(212) 752-6181
Central Parking System
This garage often has low rates for normal sized vehicles..

127 E 46th St
(212) 983-1510

Garage Management Corporation
Find reliable parking at discount rates at this garage.
443 E 49th St # 1
(212) 688-7666
Quik Park Garage
Find great parking rates all week long at this parking facility.
304 E 48th St
(212) 813-1974

Basic Parking Corporation
Enjoy safe parking at great rates from this parking provider.

225 E 46th St
(212) 980-2006

It is very common to find new scratches and dents on your vehicle after you have left it parked in a public parking lot or garage. You can prevent these types of damage by using car door guards and bumper protection products from Bumper Armor. Using door and bumper protectors together can prevent all the normal damage that occurs when parking.