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East Harlem , New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. East 105 Street Parking
At this NYC indoor parking garage parking is available days, evenings, overnights and weekends.

Tip: When leaving your vehicle for the weekend it is a good idea to use a bumper protector or car door guards to prevent damage from other cars.
156 E 105th St
(212) 534-7619
B. V & M Parking Corp
This New York City parking garage is located at the North end of Central Park.

Tip: Door dings are a common occurence of parking damage and it happens at nearly every parking facility so be sure to use an auto door guard.
1325 5th Ave
(212) 722-9661
C. PTM Garage Corp
This parking garage is located between FDR Drive and Central park. It is a stone's throw away from Marcus Garvey Memorial Park.

Tip: If it is a tight parking space it might be wise to use your bumper guards while parking.
228 E 117th St
(212) 369-4489
D. 3795 10th Ave Parking Corp
Contact this garage for affordable daily parking rates when parking in New York City.

Tip: NYC parking can be limited in space so be sure to use an auto door edge guard and door guards.
221 E 122nd St
(212) 410-9174
E. Lease Parking
This garage is located a block away from Park Ave. Be sure to tip your parking attendant when parking in NYC.

Tip: Bumper protection can prevent a lot of paint scratches when parallel parking.
158 E 108th St
(212) 860-6718
F. East-End Parking Corp
This New York parking garage specializes in the parking and storage of large vehicles.

Tip: Larger vehicles are usually more prone to parking damage and can benefit from a parking bumper pad.
227 E 125th St
(212) 534-8090
G. Merit Parking LLC
This parking garage in New York City is located at the NE corner of Central park, near Columbia University.

Tip: Auto door edge guards can prevent damage to your paint when parking in tight spaces.
12 E 107th St
(212) 722-9498
H. Imperial Parking
Call ahead and check for discount rates for weekend parking near Riverside Park.

Tip: A bumper pad could save you hundreds from one single use where parking damage may occur to your bumper.
116 Lenox Ave
(212) 427-4195
I. MTR Parking Corp
Parking is available in this NYC garage 24 hours a day.

Tip: It is a good idea for larger vehicles to use wall bumper guards in small parking spaces.
2019 1st Ave
(212) 369-1308
J. Metro North Garage Inc
There are few NYC parking garages that have rates as low as this one.

Tip: Remember to use a bumper guard or a door guard in tight parking spaces.
440 E 102nd St
(212) 860-7741
Daval Parking Inc
Call ahead to reserve a spot and ask about their affordable monthly parking rates.
1504 Lexington Ave
(212) 534-5930
Easy Cross Parking Corp
This parking garage in New York City is 2 blocks from Morningside Park and just beyond that is Columbia University's School of Engineering.
225 Saint Nicholas Ave
(212) 222-3937
Imperial Parking
24 hour and weekly parking is available at this NYC garage.
1955 1st Ave
(212) 996-3074
Normandie Court: Garage
This parking garage in NYC provides 24 hour parking but you must call ahead if you intend to park a larger than average vehicle.
215 E 95th St
(212) 735-6767
Gallery Garage Corp
This 24 hour parking facility in New York is located near the west side of Central Park.
40 E 94th St
(212) 369-9304

When using public parking your car is always at risk of getting scratches and dents. The only defense is an effective door and bumper protection solution from Bumper Armor.

We reccomend using front and rear bumper protectors, as well as our auto door guards which stop all dents and dings from other car doors.