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East Village, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages

A.Airport: La Guardia
Park safely while you travel at La Guardia Airport.

Tip: Auto door edge guards really protect your doors when your are in a tight space.

Hanger 7, Flushing
(718) 533-3850

B.Central Parking Systems
This parking garage is located in South Manhattan naer the Williamsburg Bridge.

Tip: It is smart to use a bumper protector when using public parking.

135 Delancey St
(212) 505-7153

C.Mercer Parking Garage
This parking facility is located near Washington Square Park.

Tip: Car door protectors and bumper guards can protect all parking related damage when used together.

165 Mercer St
(212) 226-5578

D.Quick Park Garage Regent
This parking garage is located one block away from the Manhattan Bridge.

Tip: Rear bumper guards and door guards can provide great protection without any permanent vehicle modifications.

220 E 9th St
(212) 979-5708

E.Central Parking Systems
This parking facility is located right outside of Sara D. Roosevelt park.

Tip: Bumper guards are meant to protect against the bumpers of other vehicles as well as parking garage walls.

224 Mulberry St
(212) 343-8401

F.Edison Parking
This parking garage offers several locations in NYC to give the best to their clients.

Tip: Repainting your bumpers can cost hundreds. Just get a set of parking bumper guards for your vehicle.

207 E Houston St # 215
(212) 253-6891

G.Imperial Parking Systems
This garage is located near the Gramercy Park.

Tip: Don't risk leaving your freshly painted car in public parking without any protection. Invest in some door protectors and bumper guards that protect your vehicle when it is parked.

130 E 18th St
(212) 674-4230
H.Propark America
This garage is located near the Manhattan Bridge.

Tip: Any of the bumper protection products at Bumper Armor can save you hundreds and repainting costs.

238 South St
(212) 732-2670
I.Imperial Parking Systems
This garage is located near Seward Park.

Tip: Stop the scratches and dents and use a bumper protector when you park.

59 Allen St
(212) 226-1795

J.245 E 19th St Garage
This parking garage is located near Stuyvesant Square.

Tip: Removable bumper protectors provide great protection for your parked vehicle.

245 E 19th St
(212) 228-7973

Louis Provenzano Services Station
This parking garage offers low rates to park the car during the weekend, to find out about the prices call to our phone number.

24 Leonard St #1 (212)226-6836
Area Garage Corp
parking garage located over Williamsburg Bridge and Pitt St.

275 Delancey St (212)228-9200

Champion Mulburry LLC
NYC garage located next to Columbus Park, it offers low rates.
Mulberry St (212)385-8449
Central Parking Systems
parking garage situated next to the City Hall Park.
111-17th Worth (212)619-0274

Sam Parking Corp
parking garage in New York City offering low rates, is rated as one of the best parking’s in Manhattan.

360 W Broadway (212)966-6774

Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Scratches and dents can ruin the appearance of even the most expensive cars. Many unsightly dents and scratches occur when your car is parked in a lot or a garage. Block parking damage by using removable bumper guards and door guards on your vehicle. Check out our bumper protection products and you will never have to worry about another dent or scratch when you park your car.