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Financial District, New York Parking Garages

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Parking Garages

A. Impark
This parking facility in the financial district is open for business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They offer very reasonable rates between the hours of 10am and 7pm.

Tip: The best paint protection product to use in a parking garage is the auto door guards.

55 Water St # 2, (212) 809-6789

B.Pine-Water Garage Inc
This parking garage is right off of the highway and only a few blocks from broadway.

Tip: Buy bumper protection products before going on vacation and leaving your car in a public parking garage.

80 Pine St
(212) 425-6136

C.Imperial Parking Systems
Call ahead and reserve a space at this garage right in the heart of the Financial District.

Tip: If you worry about your car being scratched or dented while it is parked you should invest in some door and bumper protection products.

100 William St
(212) 480-4210

D.Central Parking System
This parking garage is located next to Lexington Ave. Metro, is very practical when you are in a hurry.

Tip: Get a rear bumper protector and be careful where you park your vehicle.

7 Hanover Sq
(212) 509-3482

E.Central Parking
This parking garage is located in the center of the financial district. Call ahead to make sure of any charges for oversized vehicles.

Tip: Using a car door edge guard can really help you in those tight parking spaces.

90 John St
(212) 732-2844

F.Central Parking System
This garage is a stone's throw of the Robert F. Wagner Jr and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Tip: Removable bumper guards provide great protection for your parked vehicle.

20 Morris St (212)514-5392

G.Central Parking System
This is the closest garage to the west coast of the Financial District. It's within walking distance to RFW Jr. park.

Tip: Using bumper blockers and door guards will protect your car from all the usual parking damage.

200 Rector Pl (212)786-4796
H.Central Parking System
This parking garage is near the highway and the South Street Seaport.

Tip: Invest in rear bumper protection to stop that annoying parking damage to your bumper.

10 Peck Slip # 12, (212)766-9456
I. 45 Wall Street Parking
Call ahead to reserve a space at this parking garage on Wall Street.

Tip: Many scratches and dents occur when your car is parked, protect yourself with products from Bumper Armor.

45 Wall St

J.Propark America Ny
This garage is near the seaport, be sure to call in advance to check the rates.

Tip: Door guards and bumper protectors can prevent all the common dents and scratches that occur while your vehicle is parked.

135 South St

Quick Park
Here is an affordable garage in the Financial District.

199 Water St
(212) 785-4552
Pearl Parking
This garage offers valet services and has a capacity for 90 vehicles.

253 Pearl St

State Pearl Garage
This parking facility has great daily rates and note that it is closed on legal holidays.
1 Battery Park Plz
South William Parking
Find great parking rates in the financial district at this parking garage.
10 S William St

Goldpearl Parking Corporation
This New York City parking garage offers very low rates for weekend parking.

2 Gold St

IF you use public parking it is very common to see scratches and dents pop up out of no where. Many feel defenseless from this type of paint damage. Now there are products to protect your vehicle when it is left parked. The most effective items are car door guards and bumper guards. Pick up these affordable products at Bumper Armor.