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Gramercy Park / East 20 's, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages

A.Consolidated Parking
NYC parking garage located in the corner of 3rd Ave and 15th St. very close to union square.

Tip: If you have an SUV the best way to protect your from being scratched car is to buy a SUV front and rear bumper guard.

146 3rd Ave (212)475-9159

B.211 Garage Corp
New York City parking garage offers very low charge for monthly and daily parking spaces.

Tip: A car truck door edge guard can protect your car of being broken in those very minuscule parking spaces.

211 E 18th St (212)473-9345

C.23rd Street Parking LLC
This parking garage is situated one block away from the Bellevue Medical Center.

Tip: The solution is to buy a removable rear bumper guard for your car to protect your car of being scratched

320 E 23rd St (212)674-2918

D.Imperial Parking US inc
This NYC parking located next to the Bellevue Medical Center it is offering low hourly rates for parking.

Tip: The wall bumper guards can be a good solution to stop complaining about the scratches in the front of the car.

300 E 25th St (212)213-1349

E.Kinney System
This parking offers several different locations all around Manhattan, with a very secure system.

Tip: If you worry about your car every time you park in small spaces, a bumper protector is the solution.

202 E 18th St (212)529-8213

F.Ggmc Parking Garage
This parking garage in Manhattan offers you extremely low rates for weekly or monthly parking in very good locations.

Tip: Car bumper protection is a good solution to don’t have scratches in you car when you are parking in very tight spaces.

200 E 24th St (212)725-0225

G.Garage Management Co
This parking garage in New York City is located two blocks away from Union Square.

Tip: NYC parking can be limited in space so be sure to make use of an auto door edge guard and door guards to take care for your car.

144 E 17th St (212)888-7400
H.Sleepy Hollow Garage
The NYC parking garage is located between Gramercy Park and Union Square.

Tip: A removable bumper guard can protect your car of being hurt in very small parking spaces.
144 E 17th St (212)533-7362
I..Latned Garage Corp
This parking garage is a very busy place in Manhattan, so if you are looking for good parking rooms start calling to reserve a big spot.

Tip: NYC parking can be restricted in space so be sure to make use of an auto door edge guard and door guards to take care for your car.

215 E 24th St (212)684-8687

J.Mayflower Garage
New York City parking garage located in the corner of 2nd Ave and 22nd St, it offers extremely good rates to park your car over the week.

Tip: A door edge guard is an excellent way of prevent worrying about scratching the car next to you.

329 E 22nd St (212)254-5444

Manhattan Parking East 19th Street Corp
This parking garage is located in high quality of New York City, so call to find about prices.

245 E 19th St (212)228-7973
Jeff Parking Corp
NYC parking garage located nest to the Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU Medical Center.

329 E 22nd St (212)254-5444

Manhattan Parking Group
This parking is located next to Gramercy Park, and a few blocks from Union Square.
32 Gramercy Park (212)254-0863
MHM 202 E 18th St Parking LLC
This parking has several locations in Manhattan and all offers very low rates for parking
202 E 18th St (212)995-0937

Proud Parking Corp
This Parking garage is situated next to Madison Square Park.

5 E 22nd St (212)477-2484

Your Bumper Protection Specialists

To keep your car looking great you have to have a good paint job. You also have to protect your car from getting dented or scratched. Since many unsightly dents and scratches occur while your car is parked you need to take action to prevent it. You can nullify all damaged caused by cars that are parking near you by using some door and bumper protector products from Bumper Armor. For the ultimate combo in auto body protection you should get front and rear full length bumper guards as well as door guards. This would protect your from bumps and scrapes and dents from car doors swinging open.