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Inwood, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. El Garage
This New York City parking garage offers reliable parking 24 hours a day.

Tip: Car door edge guards help defend against damage to your car doors that occur in tight parking spaces.
708 Burnside Ave
(516) 371-5454
B. Rockaway Parking
This NYC garage is located near JFK Airport.

Tip: If you are leaving your car parked while out of town, you may want to attach your bumper guards in case of damage.
15079 183rd St
(718) 656-7076
C. Air Park Airport Parking
This NYC parking garage is just a stone's throw from John F. Kennedy Airport.

Tip: Secure your bumper protection devices to your bumpers when leaving for an extended period of time.
15344 S Conduit Ave
(718) 276-7000
D. Call-A-Head
This garage offers cheap parking in NYC, right next to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Tip: While parked you should protect your bumper with high-strength rubber bumper protection.
304 Cross Bay Blvd
(718) 634-2085
E. Avistar JFK
Don't struggle to find a spot at the airport, call and reserve your space today.

Tip: Use garage parking bumpers to protect your paintjob.
130-24 South Conduit Avenue
(718) 322-2221
F. Shim Donald
Don't worry about parking for the whole day with our low rates.

Tip: Save yourself from having to repaint your car by using door and bumper protection.
10413 Merrick Blvd
(718) 526-4429
G. South Side Parking Systems
Spending time finding street parking in NYC is time consuming and frustrating.

Tip: Take advantage of this safe New York parking garage.
14411 94th Ave
(718) 206-3460
H. Central Parking Systems
Call and reserve discount rates from this parking garage in New York City.

Tip: Auto door edge guards are useful for door protection when exiting your car from a narrow parking space.
16327 Archer Ave
(718) 658-9619
I. Central Parking Systems
Call today to get great rates for monthly parking in NYC.

Tip: Durable bumper pads can protect against all the minor damage that occurs to the bumpers of your vehicle while parked.
9230 165th St
(718) 657-3830
J. Parking Systems Plus
This NYC parking garage has been in business since 1954.

Tip: If you are annoyed with scratches and scrapes on your front bumper use garage parking mats to protect them.
15007 Archer Ave
(718) 206-1987
Bang's Parking
This garage offers affordable parking in NYC.

Tip: Using a bumper guard while parked can drastically reduce the chance of potential damage to your paintjob.
8822 Sutphin Blvd
(718) 206-3312
La Mirage Parking
Leave your car safe and secure at this NYC parking facility and please call ahead if you have an oversized vehicle.

Tip: Get a rubber bumper pad or other bumper protector device to ensure a safe parking experience.
17801 Wexford Ter
(718) 658-1645
Brierwood Car Park
All day parking and great monthly parking rates are available if you call us and reserve a space.

Tip: Bring your bumper protection device to prepare yourself for possible paint damage.
8515 Main St
(718) 658-9603
Medical Parking Management
This NYC parking garage is near the Jamaica Hospital in Inwood.

Tip: Using a car door guard will prevent dents in your doors that occur while your vehicle is parked.
13509 89th Ave
(718) 526-1889
Queens Garage
This garage offers low cost parking in NYC.

Tip: Using a bumper protector or car door guard can save you hundreds and even thousands in body repair.
8515 Main St
(718) 658-9603

I'm sure you have noticed scratches on your car that occur, occasionally, when your car is parked. How can you prevent this damage to your car's paint and body when you aren't even in your car? Here's how, with bumper guards and auto body protection from Bumper Armor.