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Morningside Heights , New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. Amsterdam Garage
Quick and convient parking located in Morningside Heights.

Tip: Stop worrying about parking damage, just use our front and rear bumper guards.
175 W 90th St
(212) 874-8983
B. Imperial Parking Systems
Our garage has 24 hour security on duty for a safe and worry free parking experience.

Tip: With our car door guard and bumper protection products your vehicle will be safe.
234 W 108th St
(212) 222-8800
C. Imperial Parking
Our garage is located in Morningside Heights and is open 24 hours.

Tip: In tight parking spots use the door edge guard to prevent body damage.
234 W 108th St
(212) 222-8800
D. Garage Management Company
Ask us about our low monthly parking rates!

Tip: Bumper protectors can be securely fastened to your vehicle for protection while parked.
250 W 89th St
(212) 874-2486
E. JC Parking
Quick and easy access to your vehicle is available when you're ready to leave this NYC garage.

Tip: A rear bumper pad will help protect your paintjob from minor impacts.
601 Amsterdam Ave
(212) 724-2818
F. Quik Park
Don't worry about parking for the whole day with our low rates.

Tip: Save yourself from having to repaint your car by using door and bumper protection.
207 W 89th St
(212) 496-2437
G. Lease Parking
Discount hourly and monthly parking rates are available 24 hours a day.

Tip: Bumper guards are necessary when parking for extended periods of time because there is a greater chance another car will come in contact with yours.
158 E 108th St
(212) 860-6718
H. Kinney System Inc
Look no further for cheap New York City parking at this garage.

Tip: With a removable bumper protector your painjob is protected while not compromising your car's exterior.
Madison & Park
(212) 679-8111
I. PTM Garage Corp
This NYC parking garage is conveniently located near the highway.

Tip: Remember to remove your bumper protector, when leaving the parking garage, for your safety.
228 E 117th St
(212) 369-4489
J. Monterey Garage
This garage is family owned and is located on the Upper West Side.

Tip: Your car is statistically safer from parking damage in a smaller garage but remember to use the car door edge guard for tight parking spaces.
137 W 89th St
(212) 724-4600
East-End Parking Corp
This garage specializes in parking and storage for large vehicles.

Tip: While parking, damage frequently occurs on the front and rear bumpers, using a full length bumper guard will protect your paintjob.
227 E 125th St
(212) 534-8090
Garsch Garage Corp
Call this New York City parking garage and reserve your space in advance. When parking read the posted rules and parking regulations to avoid a NYC parking ticket.
175 W 87th St
(212) 724-6927
Nice Park
You can feel safe when parking at this NYC garage because of the security on-duty.

Tip: It's your responsibility to protect your paintjob with bumper protection and car door guard products.
311 E 112th St
(212) 475-5262
Stable Car Parking
This 24 hour parking garage is located near the expressway.

Tip: The lowest cost paint protection device is the car door edge guard and it can save you hundreds in auto body repair costs.
614 W 153rd St
(212) 491-5572
Gallery Garage Corp
This New York City parking garage is a low cost parking solution.

Tip: You can never predict if damage will occur to your front or rear bumper so make sure to get bumper protectors for each.
40 E 94th St
(212) 369-9304

Whenever you park your car you risk getting scratches to your car's paint. You have to take action and prevent this unsightly damage. Get yourself a bumper protector product from Bumper Armor. Damage can also occur as dings and dents on your car doors. The best way to prevent this is to use a car door protector.