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SoHo, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages

A.La Guardia Airport
Park your car here safely while you travel from the La Guardia Airport.

Tip: Bumper guards can save you from annoying scratches that occur when you are in public parking.

Hanger 7 Flushing 11371
(718) 533-3850

B.Manhattan Mini Storage #444
NYC parking garage is located near Chinatown, on Cannal St.

Tip: Our door protectors and bumper guards are the perfect solution to totally protect your car from parking damage.

161 Varick St

C.Kinney System Inc
Parking spaces located next on Morton St.

Tip: Using bumper and car door protection is the best way to stop paint damage.

20 Morton St
(212) 242-8451

D.Garage Management Corporation: Minetta
This parking garage isn't far from the Lincoln Tunnel.

Tip: Use a bumper guard when parking in a public lot or garage.

122 W 3rd St # 1
(212) 777-3530

E.Garage Management Corporation: Travelers
This NYC parking garage over one million parking spaces all over Manhattan, also they offer valet parking and a 24/7 open parking garage.

Tip: Auto door edge guards are great for protecting your paint in tight spaces.

160 W 10th St

F.Standard Parking
This parking garage offers several locations in NYC to give the best to their clients.

Tip: For the best paint protection when you are parked use bumper guards and a car door protector.

140 Charles St
(212) 929-9170

G.Central Parking
This NYC parking garage offer is in the south part of the lower east side, near Tribeca.

Tip: Bumper protectors are your main line of defense for your paintjob.

84 White St
(212) 925-9309
H.Central Parking System
This Lower East Side parking garage offers low rates for parking during the day.

Tip: The car door edge guards are very useful in protecting your car in tight parking spaces.

224 Mulberry St
(212) 343-8401
I.Central Parking System
This parking facility is located near the Greenwich Village area.

Tip: Car door protection is useful for preventing dents.

14 Charlton St
(212) 691-3109

J.Central Parking Systems
This garage is accessible from many highways.

Tip: Stop those scratches and dents that occur on your vehicle by using door and bumper guards.

9 N Moore St
(212) 625-0323

Thompson Street Parking Corporation
This parking garage is right outside of Washington Square park.

221 Thompson St
(212) 677-8741
E 12th Street Garage
This parking garage is near the Union Square.

17 E 12th St
(212) 929-9879

Essex Street Parking
This parking facility is located near the bay.
105 Essex St
(212) 529-8824
Edison Parking
This parking garage is located near China Town.
174 Centre St
(212) 226-2950

Barrow Street Garage
A parking garage in New York City offering low rates near Greenwich Village.

3 Sheridan Sq # 2
(212) 242-9791

Using public parking can put your paint job at risk for scratches and dents. The best line of defense against this annoying damage are bumper guards and door guards. The bumper guards will prevent damage to your front and rear bumpers while the door guards protect you from the cars next to you. These products require no vehicle modifications and are easily to install and removable.