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West 100's, New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. Rapid Park Industries
This NYC garage has affordable weekend parking rates.

Tip: To keep your vehicle's paintjob safe use a bumper guard.
205 W 101st St
(212) 864-8605
B. Stratford Garage
This parking garage in New York City charges $8 to park between 8am and 5pm and $19 for overnight parking.

Tip: A bumper guard can prevent scratches and scrapes to your paintjob.
323 W 96th St
(212) 749-2700
C. Central Parking Systems
This NYC parking garage is located right off of Broadway.

Tip: Any door protection or bumper protector device can save you tons of money in repainting.
711 W End Ave
(212) 866-5651
D. Manhattan Parking Group
This parking garage in Manhattan has great rates for weekly and monthly parking.

Tip: A car door protector can prevent dents and dings from tight parking spaces.
120 W 97th St
(212) 666-3878
E. Convenient Parking
For parking near Broadway in the West 100's neighborhood check out this NYC parking garage.

Tip: A bumper guard can help your car's paintjob stay looking great.
215 W 95th St
(212) 864-8901
F. West 108 St Parking Garage
For affordable parking near Riverside Park use this New York parking garage.

Tip: A removeable bumper guard can protect your from scratches that occur while parked.
234 W 108th S
(212) 222-8800
G. Yorkshire Garage
This NYC garage is located just south of Morningside Park, call ahead to reserve a parking space.

Tip: A door protector will prevent other car doors from putting dents in your car.
151 W 108th St
(212) 865-2314
H. E & B Operating Corp
Call ahead for hourly rates for parking in NYC.

Tip: Dents and scratches can happen while your car is parked, use a door guard or bumper protector for total protection.
137 W 108th St
(212) 865-8315
I. Oliantha Garage Corp
This NYC parking garage offers great rates for daily parking please call ahead to reserve a space.

Tip: A removeable rear bumper guard can protect your bumper from impact while parking.
102 W 107th St
(212) 749-8719
J. Kensington Parking Garage
Some parking garages in New York City can be extremely busy so be sure to call and reserve your spot.

Tip: Bumper protection can save you hundreds in body repair.
50 W 97th St
(212) 864-9557
Brook Garage
Reserve a discount rate for weekend parking at this NYC parking garage.
70 W 95th St
(212) 864-4840
CA-Li Auto
This New York parking garage charges low rates for 24 hour garage parking.
103 W 108th St
(212) 864-0137
Garage Management Co
This garage charges $34 for 24 hour parking in New York. Call for discounted monthly rates.
250 W 89th St
(212) 874-2486
Amsterdam Garage
NYC parking can be very crowded so call before your arrival to reserve a parking space.
175 W 90th St
(212) 874-8983
Quik Park 89th St
This parking garage is NYC is located on the west side of Central Park. 24 hour parking is available daily.
207 W 89th St
(212) 496-2437

If you have a great looking car and paint job I'm sure you want to protect it. Your car is susceptible to dents and dings while parked. You will find the majority of the damage on the front and rear bumpers. You need to take action to protect your investment. Using front and rear bumper guards can save you hundreds in body work and if you add the protection of the auto door guards then you don't have to worry about finding those unsightly dents in your door. Visit door and bumper protection products page for more help in the fight against paint damage.