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West 60 's, New York Parking Garages

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Parking Garages

A.Central Parking Systems
This NYC Parking garage is located next to the Columbus Circle.

Tip: A door edge guard can protect your car of being scratched every time someone opens the door in those tiny spaces.

345 W 58th St (212)582-7110

B.Apex Parking Corp
New York City parking garage located two blocks away from St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center.

Tip: Bumper guards are good to protect your car from scratches.

440 W 57th St (212)541-5052

C.Allie II Parking Corp
This NYC Parking garage is next to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center, this parking garage offer very affordable prices and lot parking spaces.

Tip: A wall bumper can be very useful for very high cars to stop being hurt by the parking garage walls.

425 W 95th St (212)246-7220

D.Concerto Garage
This parking garage is very good situated is next St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center, one block away from Amsterdam Ave. and only some blocks away from Central park.

Tip: A bumper protection can save you money in repainting the car.

513 W 59th St (212)246-5769

E.Central Parking System
This New York City parking garage has very inexpensive rates, so if you are interested of having a very good parking garage call to find out our prices.

Tip: A bumper guard truck door is a good choice when you are parking in very tiny parking spots.

555 W 57th St (212)445-0172

F.Edison Parking
This parking garage is located between 12th Ave. and Amsterdam Ave.; also it offers very big parking spaces.

Tip: Bumper protection is the best way of protecting your car of being damaged while parked.

600 W 58th St (212)757-7389

G.Effective Parking Corp
This one of the most crowded parking garages in new york city,so if you were looking to have your car in a perfect spot call us to find out our daily rates.

Tip: A front bumper car can save you money to stop painting you car of all the scratches.

435 W 57th St (212)664-8520
H.West End Tower Garage Corp
This parking garage is open 24/7 and provides a very good secure system.

Tip: A bumper protector is a good idea when you know you would be parking in very tight spaces.
75 W End Ave. (212)974-8036
I.Square Plus Operating Corp
This parking garage offers very low rates for the weekend, to find out more about their rates call the parking garage.

Tip: A removable rear bumper guard is a very good thing to have when you are leaving your car in very tiny spaces.
1 W End Ave. (212)246-4256

J.St. Charles Garage
If you are in hurry to the ER this is the best parking garage you’re going to find. We are located next to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center ER.

Tip: Worried about the scratches of your door car the best solution is a door edge protection.

425 W 59th St (212)838-9092

Alfred Car Park
Parking garage located next to Damrosch Park and Lincoln Performing Arts.

161 W 61st St (212)397-8933
Triple E Parking Corp
This parking garage is only a few blocks from the Columbus circle Metro.

409 W 56th St (212)245-9524

Performance Parking
This parking garage is situated next to Lincoln Center Metro.
3 Lincoln Sq (212)769-0134
World parking garage
This parking garage is situated in Columbus circle next to central park west dr.
1 Central Park W (212)265-4199

Garage management Co
Parking garage Located 59th St and 7th Ave at the entrance of Central Park.

200 Central Park S (212)888-7400

Is parking your car stressing you out? Do you hate getting scratches and dents every time you leave your car in a public parking lot or garage? The most effective and simple solution is to use car bumper protectors and door guards from Bumper Armor. The front and rear bumper guards will absorb the impact and there will not be any paint on paint contact. Auto door guards will protect your vehicle from cars that park closely next to you. Everyone I know used to get unsightly door dings until they got car door protectors.