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Washington Heights , New York Parking Garages

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Your Bumper Protection Specialists

Parking Garages
A. Uni Facility Corp
Best 24 Hour parking in the New York City!

Tip: Protect your auto body and paint with door and bumper protection.
635 W 131st St
(212) 368-2579
B. University Garage
Keep your vehicle safe with the most secure NYC parking garage.

Tip: For tight parking spaces use the car door edge guard to avoid paint damage.
532 Seminary Row
(212) 961-1075
C. West 108th St Parking Garage
24 Hour security personnel are on duty to keep your vehicle secure.

Tip: Keep your car safe with a rear bumper protector.
234 W 108th St
(212) 222-8800
D. Yorkshire Garage
Public parking is available at great rates, for any make and model vehicle, in New York.

Tip: Bumper protectors are made for every make and model automobile.
151 W 108th St
(212) 865-2314
E. Rapid Park Industries
Affordable monthly parking rates in Washington Heights, NYC.

Tip: When parking in tight spots between 2 cars use a car door guard to protect from dents.
205 W 101st St
(212) 864-8605
F. Central Parking Systems
This parking garage offers an early bird special starting at 8am.

Tip: Use front and rear bumper guards for dent protection for both bumpers.
2040 E Tremont Ave
(718) 828-6660
G. 200 E 90th St
This garage offers cheap monthly parking in New York City. Call to see if your vehicle would be charged an oversized vehicle fee.
200 E 90th St
(212) 722-9583
H. 305 E 86th Parking Corp
Call this New York parking garage to reserve a great rate.

Tip: Remember to use a bumper protection product to protect your paintjob.
305 E 86th St
(212) 289-9905
I. 401 E 86th Garage Corp
The best rates forNew York City parking are at this garage.

Tip: Use a bumper guard and a door guard to protect from scuffs, scrapes, chips and dents that occur while parked.
401 E 86th St # 401
(212) 289-8458
J. Garage Management Co LLC
Reserve your spot in advance and recieve better monthly parking rates. Be sure to read the posted signs before parking so you don't recieve a NYC parking violation.
124 E 63rd St
(212) 838-2720
MHN Parking Garage
This is one of the most affordable parking garages in Manhattan.

Tip: Auto door edge guards can save you from getting unsightly paint and body damage to your doors.
166 E 63rd St
(212) 308-8177
Rapid Park Industries
This NYC parking garage sometimes offers coupons for big savings. NYC Parking Tickets can be pricey, read the posted signs and rules before parking.
411 W 55th St
(212) 265-7854
Classic Parking Corp
Oversized vehicles may incur an additional fee.

Tip: With a door protection device your car will be protected from dents in even the tightest parking spaces.
506 W 181st St
(212) 781-7351
Express Parking Systems
Your car may be safer from damage in a garage but for NYC street parking you deffinately need a bumper guard.
4168 Broadway
(212) 543-2700
Haven Parking
This is the garage you need if you are looking for cheap parking in NYC.

Tip: Use one of our custom bumper guards for your specific make and model vehicle.
200 Haven Ave
(212) 543-2900

Be careful when using public parking lots and garages. Most scratches and dents to cars happen while the car is parked. There is something you can do to protect your vehicle. Browse through our selection of car bumper guards and door protectors. Using these products can ensure protection from all the common parking damage.