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Choosing a Reputable Parking Garage

Finally, you’ve found a parking garage to park your prized possession during working hours at a price that you can actually afford. Your days of checking on your car every 30 minutes are over. It is too good to be true, however, when you discover a huge dent on your car. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a parking attendant pull your car up in a parking garage only to discover that your car has been damaged. It’s not the parking attendants fault of course. The whole purpose of parking your car in a parking garage with security tighter than The Border is to help prevent your car from being damaged …that was a complete waste.

This doesn’t have to be your worse case scenario. The first thing that you will want to do is check out the parking garage in advance before paying the parking attendant the fee to park your car. A reputable parking garage will have the following:

Unfortunately, in most major cities, it is very difficult to find a five-star parking garage. You’re lucky to find a parking space in a garage at all. In this case, you have a choice, you can avoid parking in a parking garage all together and park on the street and run the risk of your car being scratched, scraped and dinged or you can invest in door protection products. At BumperArmor.com, we offer a full range of car protection products that will help thwart against damage to your vehicle and keep it looking new.

Bumper Protection Tip : A bumper protector prevents your entire bumper from all the usual scrapes and dents that occur in parking lots.