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Protecting Your Car 24-7

Now that you have a state-of-the-art alarm system, your car is protected around the clock, right? Not quite. If you live or work in a high traffic area, having a top of the line alarm system will thwart off thieves, but it will not protect your car from dents, scrapes, and dings while your car is parked. According to experts, statistics have shown that 20 percent of insurance claims are caused by parking lot incidents. Here are a few ways to help avoid this from happening to your car.

Park in a well lit area. If you do not have a garage or a driveway to park your car in at night and you have no other choice than to park on the street, avoid parking in areas that have poor lighting. Dark areas are blind spots for drivers when parking – your car can easily get scraped or nicked.

Never leave valuable items in your car. One of the worst things to discover is a car damaged from being keyed by a thief. Leaving valuable items in your car is eye candy for car thieves. So, make sure that you remove all valuables from your car and out of view after parking it.

Avoid parking in over-crowded parking lots. Vehicles that are constantly pulling in and out of parking spaces increases the chances of your car getting damaged. One way to help reduce this is by parking your car far away from crowded parking lots.

Try parking at the end of a grassy aisle. This will greatly decrease the chances of a careless driver running into your front bumper because you actually have the curb to help protect your car when parking in a parking lot.

Use a Bumper Blocker. You can’t always park a far distance from an over crowded parking lot, park in a well lit area or park beside a grassy aisle. In this case, you will want to protect your vehicle from damage with a padded bumper blocker. This padded barrier will protect your car’s entire bumper and it’s easy to attach and remove. We offer a variety of products to help protect your car against damage, starting at only $39.99

Bumper Protection Tip : An easy way to protect most parking damage is to get a bumper protection product.