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Parking in urban areas can be dangerous for your vehicle's paintjob. The majority of bumper paint damage occurs when using public parking in the city. You can protect against this type of damage by using the bumper guards and door protection products sold here. Don't spend your hard earned money repainting your bumper over and over, bumper protection starts at $39.99!

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Car Door Protection

Common Parking Lot Damage

Car door dings are the most common occurance of damage to your parked car. Save tons of money in paint and dent repair when you use car door protectors. read more

Car Dent Repairs

The best method to stop car door dents is to prevent them before they occur. The best way to prevent against these dents is to use car door protection. Using a door guard is really a necessity when parking in crowded lots and tight parking spaces. read more

Auto Door Protectors vs. Car Door Edge Guards

Door edge guards will only protect the very edge of your door from coming in contact with other parked cars or garage walls. A door protector stops other car doors from making contact with your door, which is the cause of most parking lot damage. read more

DIY Dent Removal for Car Door Dings

Sometimes a dent can be repaired without having to take your car to an expensive body shop. We have found some effective dent removal techniques that you can try yourself. read more

Door Guards for Home and Parking Garages

Car door protection is also useful in your home's garage as well as parking garages. Children can be careless when getting in and out of your car in your garage and may hit your other car or the wall with your door. read more

Silly Parking Accident Pictures

We have gathered images of careless parking accidents, some are pretty funny! read more