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Parking in Miami Beach

If you are planning a trip to Miami, many low cost parking options are available. Reasonably priced garage parking is provided by the city in the Miami Beach area. Here are some of these Miami parking garages : The 7th Street Garage which has 496 spaces available for 10 dollars per day on the weekend and 1 dollar an hour any other time. This garage also offers monthly parking at 75 dollars per month.

The 13th Street Garage is conveniently located on the beach at 13th St and Collins ave. This parking garage supplies 200 spaces at $10 per day on the weekend and $1 per hour during the week. Monthly garage parking is also available at the low rate of $64.20 per month.

This 17th Street parking garage is located near the Miami Beach convention center, this garage offers 1,460 parking spaces. Weekend parking is a flat fee of 10 dollars per day and 1 dollar per hour during the week. The monthly rate is $64.20 for this garage.

The 42nd street garage is open Monday through Wednesday from 6:30am to 9pm and contains 620 parking spots. Parking at this garage will cost 1 dollar per hour and $64.20 for month-long parking. Miami Beach funds 64 public parking lots in the city. Parking in these lots can cost anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar an hour depending where you are located in the city. The same rates apply to most meter-operated parking in the city.

It is surprising how fast your car can get damaged when leaving it parked. Whether another car taps your bumper or someone dents your car door while leaving their car it equals to an eyesore on your car and money coming out of your pocket. A cost effective solution to this problem is buying one of our affordable car door guard and bumper protection products.