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New York City Parking Guide

Locating a parking spot in New York City can be a frustrating experience. Most city-dwellers rely on the New York City parking garages and spend the extra money to save them the time consuming experience of finding a parking space on the street. According to a Manhattan parking garage directory, Manhattan contains over 100,000 licensed parking spaces that are not on the street. The NYC garages that contain these spaces differ in size; there are garages with as little as 10 spaces and some New York parking garages that have over 3,000 parking spots. Hopefully this article can give you some tips on how to save yourself time and money by finding Manhattan parking garages near your destination.

When choosing a parking garage in New York City it is best to look for garages that are operated by larger companies because they tend to encourage better service from their employees. Many larger parking companies offer discount rates for frequent customers as well as regular specials and coupons. It is also important to take into consideration that some garages may charge higher rates if there is a large event occurring in the area. It is also important to read the posted signs and to make sure that the time stamped on your parking claim ticket is correct. Retrieving your car late usually results in additional parking fees. Don't forget to tip! Also remember, tipping the parking valet when you drop of your car may help ensure extra care is taken with your vehicle.

Damage to your bumper and doors frequently occurs while your car is parked in public parking. Save yourself the trouble of constantly having to repaint your bumper and invest in one of our bumper protection products, starting from $39.99.