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Parking Advice by BumperArmor.com

There are two places where parking your car can be a risk to damaging your bumper or door, street and parking garage. Below are some useful tips for door and bumper protection when parking in both scenarios.

.:. Street Parking (most common on city blocks)  .:.

The good thing about street parking is that it is sometimes free or at least less expensive then going to a parking garage.

Tip 1) Always try and get the parking space as the first car or last car of the block. The reason for this is simple, being the first car parked on the block means you will not have any body parking in front of your car offering easy protection. Being the last car parked on the block guards you from another vehicle parking behind.

Tip 2) Take up 2 spaces on the street when parking. Is it wrong to do? Well it really depends on how much you love your car. When parking leave lots of room in front of your car and the vehicles parked behind you. This will almost always guarantee protection for your car’s bumper.

Tip 3) Use a car bumper protector product. This should really be tip #1 in the case of an easy cost efficient way of protecting your car bumper against other vehicles bumping into them. Products such as the Bumper Bully are a great and low cost solution for a rear bumper protector for your vehicle. View BumperArmor.com recommended bumper protection.

Tip 4) Park next to somebody who can watch your car. This is not always easy but it is possible. For example, if parking your car on the streets of Manhattan most times there is a building doorman, store clerk or even the guy selling hotdogs on the corner who will have a good view of your car. If your lucky enough to get a spot in front of somebody like this, then simple ask them to keep an eye on your vehicle (giving them $3-4 bucks before hand helps).
Quick tip: Feeding the meter is hard work, having to run back and forth to your car every hour to prevent a ticket. Doorman and non-busy store clerks are great for doing this for you. Simply give them a roll of quarters and an extra $3-5 bucks (depending on the neighbor hood) and they will feed your meter.

.:. Parking Garage Parking (outdoor and indoor) .:.
About the only good thing with using a parking garage is that it saves you time so you don’t have to look for a spot on the street. The below tips will offer door and bumper protection for your car.

Tip 1) Use the not so busy parking garage. Sure you may be looking to save time, but by using a very busy parking garage 2 things will occur. One, is that your car will be moved around a lot do to large volume of cars coming in and leaving the garage. This will increase the risk of damage to your car’s bumper and or door because the parking attendant will always be in a rush moving cars, thus paying little attention to your vehicle. Second thing is that most busy parking garages try and squeeze in as many cars as possible into there garage (more cars = more $). When the squeeze starts to occur you can rest assured that your car bumper and doors will get bumped, nicked and maybe scratched. Always go an extra few blocks out of your way to find a non busy parking garage because this will offer some protection for your vehicle.

Tip 2) Use Bumper Protection. The cheapest way to protect your car bumper and doors from damage is to get bumper guards. There are a lot of bumper protector devises on the market, unfortuently not all of them do the job they are supposed to do. At BumperArmor.com you can rest assured that all the car bumper protection products that are being sold are true and tested to help prevent door (Auto Door Edge Guard) and bumper damage. Besides being very affordable, each car bumper protection product in fast and easy to put on your vehicle. View instructions on how to put on car bumper guards. Lastly, just having a car bumper protector on your vehicle will be an alarm to most parking attendants to be careful with parking your car because they will know you care about your car and will probably check to make sure it is not damaged when you pick it up.

Tip 3) Tipping. Yes, tipping the parking attendant is customary in the “parking world”, but most of the time this occurs after you got back your car and notice the little nick in the bumper. A simple solution to prevent damage to your car would be to “tip” the parking attendant before they park your car. A simple tip of $1-5 (depending on the car and how much you love your car) before the attendant parks your car, along with simple instructions “parks it in a safe spot and keeps an eye on it” after this simply walk around your vehicle and look around the bumpers and doors to show the attendant that you know every inch of your car and will notice even the smallest smudge. Tipping the parking attendant before hand will usually do the trick but there is no guarantee because some attendants simply don’t know how to drive let alone park.

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