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Door Shox Valet Edition ( Single Side ) - Car Door Protectors

DoorShox Features Explained DoorShox Standard Vs. Valet Video Explained

car door protectors

car door protection

(1) DoorShox Valet set Includes 2 individual door guards with security cable/suction cups. The Valet Edition DoorShox allows the Valet driver to get in and out of the vehicle without removing the product. (Valet kit may be used with 2 or 4 door vehicles.)

SALE PRICE: $59.95

car door protection

DoorShox Valet - Installation Video DoorShox Standard - Installation Video

Car Door Protection
Car Door ProtectionValet Edition Car Door Shox

The valet edition door shox will protect one side of a 2 door vehicle from parking lot door dents and dings. This an east and low cost method to protect your vehicle from common parking lot damage.

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